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Walking is the best way to explore Budva. The most interesting places in Old Town are hidden in its narrow streets, alleys, squares and city walls. Walking is the best way to reach the beaches too. Besides, public transportation does not exist in the city.


Getting around Budva

By walking
Walking distances from Villa Mare:

beach (Slovenska plaza):
1.5 km (approx. 10 min walk)

old town. 2.1 km (approx. 15 minutes walk)
shop corner:
next bigger supermarket
(really cheap- up to 50%): 0.6 km (approx. 4 minutes walk)
Mercur bus station:
1.1 km (approx. 8 min walk)
1.1 km (approx. 8 min walk)
Post office at the bus station: 1.1 km (approx. 8 min walk)
police: 1.1 km (approx. 8 min walk)

By Taxis
Taxis in Budva are not very cheap; a ride to any place within Budva costs about max. € 3.00.
The main taxi stations are near the Mercur bus station, the Montenegro Airline office, in Slovenska Obala and in Becici, at the Slovenska beach and hotel complex. To get to Kotor you pay approx. € 10.00. Please ask us for the best rates.


By Mini train
A mini train for tourists runs from the city marina, along the Slovenska beach to Rafailovici, through the Zavala tunnel and ends at the Becici beach. Tourists use this train as it stops at a lot of interesting places on the way.


By Taxi boat
Another way to look around is to tour the Budva Riviera on a tourist taxi boat; it will show you Budva's sheltered rocky coves and other interesting treasures such as the many beaches at Sveti Stefan Island, Petrovac, Jaz, Drobni pijesak, and Becici, or the island Sveti Nikola. Taxi boat drivers are willing to take tourists to any place, at any time of the day or night. You can cruise the Riviera or swim in the warm waters.


By Driving
You could drive your own car or hire a car to drive around Budva. A major problem, however, is the thick traffic and insufficient parking space. Most of the beaches are near Budva and in the afternoon, tourists are prone to crowd the streets nearby. So much so that the 10 km drive between Budva and Sveti Stefan can sometimes take almost an hour!

With the huge number of vehicles crowding the city during holiday season, finding a parking spot near the town centre is next to impossible. You may sometimes have to wait for an hour to park your car. Beach parking costs between €2 and €5.